1. Daily monitoring of health data and media sources to detect any potential  or evolving public health emergencies
  2. Receive and collect report of situational information/public health emergency to relevant teams/stakeholders for action
  3. Coordinate deployment of rapid response team and movements in the field
  4. Provide spatial data collection and analysis, GIS displays to map outbreaks and other emergency incidents
  5. Manage and coordinate public health emergency response operations using the Incident Management System(IMS)
  6. Develop briefings to the IMT and national partners
  7. Facilitate provision of feedback to Regions, Districts, partners and Other stakeholders
  8. Receive and disseminate public health alerts and warnings and provide emergency health information and instructions to the public
  9. Liaise with other ministries, response organizations, districts, and other levels of government
  10. Mobilization of resources, monitoring financial commitments and providing administrative services
  11. Preparation of public communications to support community awareness, outreach and social mobilisation
  12. Identification, prioritization, acquisition, deployment and tracking of resources such as human, material and financial resources to support all EOC functions

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