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Ministry of Health

Internal Audit


Provide advisory services to the Accounting Officer in the proper management of Resource

This Unit will perform the following activities:-
  • Reviewing and reporting on proper control over the receipt, custody and utilization of all financial resources of the ministry;
  • Reviewing and reporting on conformity with financial and operational procedures laid down in any legislation or any regulation or instruction issued under such legislation and good accounting practice as from time to time defined by the Accountant General in order to avoid incurring obligations and authorizing payments to the extent which would ensure effective control over the expenditure of the Ministry;
  • Reviewing and reporting on the correct classification and allocation of revenue and expenditure accounts;
  • Reviewing and reporting on the reliability and integrity of financial and operating data so that information provided allows for the preparation of accurate financial statements and other reports for the information of the Ministry and the General Public as required by Legislation's;
  • Reviewing and reporting on the systems in place used to safeguard assets, and as appropriate, the verification of the existence of such assets;
  • Reviewing and reporting on operations or programs to ascertain whether results are consistent with established objectives and goals;
  • Reviewing and reporting on the adequacy of action by the management in response to internal audit reports, and assisting management in the implementation or recommendations made by those reports and also, where appropriate, recommendations made by the Controller and Auditor General;
  • Reviewing and reporting on the adequacy of controls built into computerized systems in place in the Ministry;
  • Preparing Strategic Audit Plans;
  • Coordinating audit programmes;
  • Conducting performance audit on appraisal of development projects; and
  • Conducting operational/value for money audits.